It was the slimmer, modern Sonic side-scrolling his way through a couple of levels. It wasn’t the longest adventure of Sonic’s life; initially planned as an episodic game, a sequel followed in 2012 but the planned third game never surfaced. Everyone knows that he was created as a response to Mario, showing just how effective a mascot for a games company could be, but he went through various iterations before SEGA settled on his hedgehog form.

It’s also a lot for an item that, at first glance, isn’t particularly rare as more than 15 million copies of the game were produced. Sonic 3 and Knuckles is, arguably, less consistent than Sonic Mania . Yet with all-time series highs like Sky Sanctuary, it’s easy to see why this is considered by many the best Sonic The Hedgehog game. My only grievance is that I can’t use the patented Lock-On technology of Sonic & Knuckles to recruit Knuckles in Shining Force II. My only complaint with Sonic 2 is the lack of rings you get in the last stage. Fighting the game’s final boss as a kid was how I figured out that stress exists.

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2D entries generally feature simple, pinball-like gameplay—with jumping and attacking controlled by a single button—and branching level paths that require memorization to maintain speed. Meanwhile, 3D entries tend to be more linear in design, feature various level objectives, different movesets, and allow players to upgrade and customize the playable character. Games since Sonic Unleashed have blended 2D and 3D gameplay, with the camera shifting between side-scrolling and third-person perspectives. Speed is punished by traps that the player cannot stop or forsee in any capacity. Enemies come from nowhere and will drain Sonic of all rings because he tried to, as the game was marketed and is known for, be fast.

It would show more of the history of Cyberspace and would also connect to echidna lore from SA1 and SA2. When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat. I’m just here to run really fast, kill some things and keep running. Again, I got most of it, but trying to explain is about as fun as messing with this stuff.

With rare exceptions , the Sonic movies feature a new cast of actors and altered designs to the video games, and also give Sonic and Knuckles new origin stories. Sonic Team’s boss has suggested he isn’t keen to bring elements from the recent Sonic the Hedgehog movies and put them into future video games. The gameplay features a similar 3D platforming as Unleashed, with Sonic using both new and old abilities, as well as Wisp power-ups.


This is arguably the most difficult stage in the game, as players are sonic games to play online introduced to a new gameplay mechanic, water. While submerged, the player can jump higher, but is slower and will drown if an air bubble is not consumed every so often. At the end of this zone, players must chase Dr. Robotnik through a vertical corridor, while avoiding spears and, of course, the rising water level. Is it fair to declare a game that depends on its predecessors to be better than them when ranking the classic Sonic games? After replaying all of the series, I’m going to unequivocally say “YES”. Christian Whitehead and his team did absolutely spectacular work hand-picking the best elements of all of the previous classic Sonic games and blending them into a modern, yet very nostalgic, masterpiece.

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Characters complete six levels while collecting seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic Pocket Adventure debuted for the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999. It’s similar to Sonic 2 but features unique levels and elements for the original game as well. The gameplay stays similar to previous games, with some additions. First, there’re minigames like racing, as well as a virtual pet .

This doesn’t need to be the next decade of Sonic, because it is a complete thought in one game. I’d be down for some DLC, especially if it introduced new friends like Blaze , Shadow, or Tangle and Whisper from the comics. The constant references to past games can be overbearing at times, but I do feel like it’s in an effort to pay respect to ALL of Sonic’s past rather than pander to hardcore fans such as myself. The “open zone” accomplishes this because despite the wide open nature of the giant map, what you’re actually doing is locking yourself into mini-levels for seconds at a time. If you hit a dash pad or spring, you’ll suddenly find yourself switching into a two-dimensional view and doing some platforming, or grinding from rail to rail in a linear sequence. You are constantly transitioning in and out of the open world and into these more linear bits of level design, which creates a sense of pacing that side content in other open world games cannot convey.

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