But then Sonic appeared right in front of Tails and Tails looked up in horror. Suddenly in a split second I saw Sonic’s eyes open and they were black with those red glowing dots, just like that title image, thought there wasn’t a smile. When that happened the screen turned black and the static sound was off. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw this massacre and apparently so did Tails. After a few more seconds there were no more animals and the music seemed to have stopped, I still kept Tails to continue. “Majin” loosely translates from Japanese as “demon” or “devil”.

What makes the original Sonic the Hedgehogso magical is that each level feels unique and brings in new elements every time. Marble Zone teaches you to be patient and wait for a precise jump, while Spring Yard Zone takes you through a construction-like area which has Sonic bouncing to the top with the use of the springs on the ground. The theming is spectacular, and it stands above most of the games in the series for this reason.

The best 2D Sonic the Hedgehog games

But as longtime fans unfortunately know, new Sonic games can go from looking “good” to “bad” faster than even the famous hedgehog can move. I think the Sonic next-gen experience in terms of quality, that was relatively early in the next-gen cycle when lots of developers were just coming to grips with the technology. It’s not a huge surprise when you try to get something out for launch or thereabouts and the quality is not optimal.

Characters aren’t fast unless they’re on automated dash panels or in Sonic’s awful mach speed sections, which hurt you for touching anything and don’t let you control your jump in midair. The Homing Attack has a noticeable delay on it, and Shadow’s wants you to mash the button to punch enemies, making it even slower. Sonic 4 was split into two episodes, both of which were meant to recapture the original feeling of the 2D games. The games were largely successful in doing so, but not without adding their own share of problems. Like a lot of the more flawed Sonic titles, this one tends to get in its own way a lot by slowing things down with boring puzzles, combat or weak level design that doesn’t center on you being a fast, blue hedgehog. But when the game finishes making those mistakes, it flies as high as the best 2D Sonic game.

Not only that, but I played this game until the disc was so scratched I had to buy a new copy. From the iconic lined grass and insanely tall trees of the Green-Hill Zone to the cosmic Death Egg, our super-speedy heroes are on a mission to defeat Robotnik and take back all of the Chaos Emeralds he stole. Sonic Generations takes the bronze medal in today’s article.


Everyone is excited because they’ve heard that Big Red Button has former Naughty Dog developers, but people need to realize that both of them are not game designers. Both former Naughty Dog developers are handling the aesthetics of the game, which explains why the game looks so gorgeous. I am a little excited for the 3DS version though, which is handled by Sanzaru Games. It did a great job with the new Sly Cooper game, so the studio has potential in making a fantastic Sonic game as well. Not only that, but everything looks absolutely gorgeous!

“Sonic’s a really fast character, so we spent all this time making this huge, long, elaborate map, and then we’d run through it in like 10 or 15 seconds,” he says. Projared is another one to add to the list of people whine about Sonic games because they can’t seem to understand that a Sonic game is the equivalent of a video game B-movie. Of course the story is silly, it stars a giant blue hedgehog who can talk.

Your review for Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition

The homing attack didn’t know what to do with itself, which wasn’t helped by the fact that the camera had absolutely no idea what it was doing most of the time. Everyone I’ve ever seen play this game has, at some point, accidentally catapulted themselves into a death pit because the camera and the homing attack refused to cooperate. There are plenty of reasons behind the mess that this game turned out to be. For one thing, the team were working with an engine they hadn’t used up until that point, so there was still a learning curve amongst the development team.

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