Who We Are

ARTEC PRACTICE LTD is a firm of professional Architects & Project Managers who have worked together for about three decades, and have a track record of many completed projects built with deep respect for the client’s budget, time, and quality.

We have been offering professional services from the advisory capacity of site analysis and site selection to detailed site development which is expressed in our work from early sketches to master plan, from design of each structure to each minute detail.

The Firm’s guiding principles are usually expressed in our work, with the belief that the quality of people’s surrounding has a direct influence on the quality of their lives whether it is at home or in the work place.

Hence we work very hard to conceive good quality buildings and create decent surrounding to our clients satisfaction while tailoring the practice’s design to what the Client needs in an abiding principle of the firm.

Attention to detail on every project are just given, with the belief that the concern of architecture is more than Aesthetics alone.

What We Do

We are an integrated architectural firm with design masterpieces for institutional, commercial, and residential developments.

We are professionals who know how to push evolutionary designs to the limits of imagination.

Allow us transform your work and living spaces from monotonous rigidities to functional and friendly landmarks.

The world is evolving, design is evolving, and you should evolve too.

We help create evolutionary designs, and that’s what makes us who we are – Artec Practice!

Our team of highly experienced and talented professionals will walk you through our design process – which begins right from the moment you step into our office.

From the ambiance, to the meetings, through strategy sessions, you will find our methods and men compatible with your creative needs.

It’s a comprehensive experience you definitely want to immerse yourself in…and we always welcome a visit.

Our Practice
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping
  • Project Management
Our Mission

To consistently deliver efficient, functional designs and excellent services to our clients through our people, and technology.

Why Choose Us

Our Practice has a handful of professional staff and we believe in complementing our capabilities by collaborating with qualified indigenous and International consultancy firms of specific disciplines.

We use the most modern methods of research and elaboration of design data through applied software and computer technology to guarantee a high quality of professional performance.

We are seen as ‘A pleasure to work with’, and our reputation in the construction industry can attest to this.

In addition to our passion for excellence, here are the other key drivers of our practice:

Quality Management Policy

Artec Practice Ltd is committed to the delivery of top quality Architectural and Project Management Services at all times, to clients’ satisfaction, and in keeping to the firm’s strategic focus.

Our Quality Management System is in line with the International Standard- ISO:9001:2015, and we are committed to satisfying applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We have recently attained the new version of QMS 9001:2015, with three trained Internal Auditors conducting gap analysis.

Continuous improvement

Our drive for continual improvement in our processes is unending. We are proud of our past, our numerous projects, and how we have improved our practice over the years. Improvement is in our gene and we are glad this is reflected in all our designs and structural projects.

Global operational systems

We have a local footprint but pool a knowledge-base that is globally relevant and world-class. Without a doubt, our projects utilize multifaceted thought and design processes that evoke modernism in every way.

Partnering for the future

We are excited about the prospects that lie ahead of us and we know our design efforts will definitely shape the human habitat wherever it may be. We look to future design challenges with obligation and vision.

Yes! We are indigenous, we however have our footprints in design, building, and project consultancy for government agencies, private clients, and multinationals.

We will be glad to work on your project, next.

Our Process Flow

Our architectural design process is organized to ensure that objectives are reached in order of priority; the highest priorities are addressed and the largest design solutions are arrived at first, then the details fall in place in concert with the larger issues and ideas.

Without this approach, the resulting building is just a random collection of unrelated decisions. 

The classic steps involved in our Process are as classified below, and are typical:

1. Pre-Design Phase (PD)
2. Schematic Design Phase (SD)
3. Design Development Phase (DD)

4. Construction Documents Phase (CD)
5. Bidding & Negotiation Phase (BN)
6. Construction Observation/Contract Administration Phase (CA)
7. Hand over/Close out

Every project is unique, and not all projects follow this process exactly.