By definition, the word loyalty as obtained from the Oxford English Dictionary simply means: ‘to be faithful or devoted to someone; to a cause; or notion.

But what is truly loyalty? or commitment?  Grant D. Searchfield said “A successful life is not an easy life. It is built on strong qualities, sacrifice, endeavour, loyalty, and integrity.” In other words, loyalty stands a quality, a character, and a pave-way for success.

Relative to an organization, the saying: “The strength of an organization, like the strength of an army, is in the loyalty of its members to one another” shelters it all.  

Loyalty and commitment are a necessity in the workplace because it drives an establishment forward by way of its employees naturally prioritizing the organization.  These are some of the key ingredients missing from our developmental process as a nation thus leading to the rise in corruption and mediocrity, both in our immediate families, and in the nation at large.

We cannot give what we do not have. Thus, these duo traits should begin with oneself and our families pre-transference to our place of work. It should reflect in our profession and be traceable in our offices. Most importantly, the nation at large can directly benefit from it via loyalty to the citizens, the law, and due process.

Incidentally, this is not taught in our conventional schools today. It is an act to learn and we must be conscious to make it a part of our daily living.

How does one attract loyalty and commitment?

  • Leading by Example:
    A renowned saying goes: We must do unto others, what we want and desire others to do unto us. It is an equation of seeding and a time of harvest. Arc. Taofik Popoola, the Managing Principal of Artec Practice Ltd is a worthy example in his mode of leadership.
  • Reward and Punishment:
    This is a path to helping people around us develop a passion for loyalty and commitment. Reward for positive input and penalty for offenders. When the rule of reward and punishment is in place, people are motivated and justice is birthed.
  • Justice:
    Be fair to all. This is another powerful tool to attract commitment and loyalty from individuals. It remains a strong tool of development in organizations and nations of the entire world. However, much to the chagrin of its citizens, this is yet another ingredient missing from Nigeria, and this has equally birthed corruption, disloyalty and a lack of commitment.

The reward for Loyalty:

1God - God is the ultimate reward-giver. You benefit from His favour and blessings.

2) Man - In your place of work you gain financial rewards and promotion and in life, sincere relationships.

3) Goodwill - You stand to generate goodwill - what you sow is what you reap.

4) Unification - Loyalty remains one of the strongest unification tools.

Remember, with loyalty, trust is earned, priorities are clear, and success is inbound.

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