Albert Horsfall Medical Centre, Asokoro, Abuja

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Healthcare/Medical Building

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Philosophy of the Design:

The design was inspired by the context (site location), the form of the existing clinic building, and expressed through letter “H” – for Healing or the wellness factor to create a hygienic, healing environment.

We think the atmosphere in which people work and get treated is important for their confidence and their outcomes. Hence, our effort to promote wellbeing through Architecture.

The design concept also places emphasis on sustainability (environmental, and social governance) both in their “contemporary meaning” which is to say mechanism for conservation, emission reduction (e.g., bed lifts with zero emission specified), and renewable energy are emphasized wherever possible; and in its “traditional meaning” which is to say that it is intended to stand the test of time just like the existing clinic building.

Other Architectural considerations in the design include:
– Double-skin external sandcrete block walls with 50mm canty to reduce heat gain (this applies to the extension only, as all external walls and structural elements are retained for that part).

– Double-glazing to reduce heat gain and noise level

– Well-insulated double roofing system

– LED lights with motion sensor to save energy.

Project Year: 2022

Client Federal Government of Nigeria