Imani/Shell Estate Phase II


Further to the success of the previous 51 Residential units completed in 2005,the Client commissioned the Practice in March,2011 (in a closed competition of 3 Architectural firms) to design additional 28 units a s extension/phase II, comprising of 3no Block of flats on 4 floors and 4no. Blocks of Terrace houses.

A Subtle exercise in modern contextualization, this embraced the existing buildings as well as the sloppy terrain of the site. The street elevations are an attempt to evoke the intricacy of the existing blocks of flats in a contemporary manner but not losing the identity and distinctiveness. Strongly articulated, they are perceived as three distinct but related elements.

The building together offer 9800 sqm. of high quality residential accommodation with generous provision of natural light ,spacious interiors and first choice finishes in a well-landscaped environment.


Shell Nigeria Closed Pension Fund Administrators


Location : FCT Abuja – Nigeria


Architecture, Design