Our architectural design process is organized to ensure that objectives are reached in order of priority; the highest priorities are addressed and the largest design solutions are arrived at first, then the details fall in place in concert with the larger issues and ideas. Without this approach, the resulting building is just a random collection of unrelated decisions. The classic steps to the Process is typically broken down into the following:

1. Pre-Design Phase (PD)
2. Schematic Design Phase (SD)
3. Design Development Phase (DD)
4. Construction Documents Phase (CD)
5. Bidding & Negotiation Phase (BN)
6. Construction Observation/Contract Administration Phase (CA)
7. Hand over/Close out

Every project is unique, and not all projects follow this process exactly.


Understanding the architectural process

Every architectural project is unique by itself and follows a series of clear milestones and an architect’s professional expertise and experience brings consistency and quality to each milestone with dear considering to time quality and economy

Pre-Design Phase (PD)

This is our first point of contact with the Client to discuss the Project brief. The Project Brief describes our Clients vision and the Site to actualise it. We ensure that the Project is clearly articulated and the Client’s needs and vision well comprehended.

Schematic Design Phase (SD)

Concept Design is the second phase of the project. At this point we consider all the options and will present our Clients with several solutions, through a series of drawings, perspective sketches, computer rendering or physical models.

Design Development Phase (DD)

Developed Design is the third phase of the project. When we have agreed on a concept. We will test the ideas and refine the details to shape the final design of our Clients building. At this stage issues of budget will be discussed and Clients priorities will be set in terms of cost, time, and quality.

We also coordinate and integrate the contribution of all building professionals (engineers, quantity surveyors, building contractors etc) into the building process and ensure that the intent of the client is upheld and enhanced by all parties concerned.

Planning Approval
We liaise with the Planning authority to ascertain and further confirm statutory and regulatory provisions of specific plots and layout. This is very crucial before the final, detailed or working drawings can be finalised. Once all the consents for the project have been finalised, we proceed to production working drawings which allows a construction contractor to assess the full scope of the project prior to the Tender Process.

Bidding & Negotiation Phase (BN)

As the Client’s agents on the Project execution, we proceed to conduct bid when authorized by our Client. If the project is to be bid, competitive bids are solicited from a number of contractors deemed to be of same class. After the Construction Documents are finished. We have the option of accepting one of the bids as given, rejecting all bids, or further negotiating a modified bid with one of the bidders. We are not obligated to accept the lowest bid, nor are you obligated to accept any of them.
Alternatively, we may choose to select a single builder based on their antecedents and pedigree and negotiate an agreement with him.

Construction Contract Administration Phase (CCA)

Contract administration involves making decisions and the timely flow of information and decisions to enable completion of the project as and when due as as required by the contract documents including review and observation of the construction project. This is important to the Owner and Consultant not only to determine that the work is proceeding in conformity with the contract documents, but also because it allows a final opportunity to detect any inaccuracies, ambiguities or inconsistencies in the design or sometimes the need to improve on the building quality.

In order to enhance Contract administration Contract, including regular site inspections and review of progress are held at planned intervals.

Hand over / Close out

At this stage we Conclude administration of the Building Contract. Carry out activities listed in Handover Certificate including administration of Defects sheets and submission of M/E manuals and As- built drawings for Clients use during the future life of the building or on future projects.