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The Estate is comprised of 6no . Four-bedroom semi-detached duplex and support services such as squash courts, Gymnasium ,stewards quarters and Energy centre that houses the generators, panels and diesel storage. The surrounding hills offers a variety of views and a countryside interlaced with igneous rocks
The orientation of the buildings is dictated by climatic as well as social factors with the longer faces oriented north south and shorter sides-East west as a respect to one of the fundamental planning principles in typical climate. The design is simple and pure and we have used a partition interfaced with stone walls to divide each duplex, a feature that mimic the surrounding hill.
Client : Private Developer
Completion due: Planning approval by April,2012

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This project was undertaken in collaboration with URBAC Architects as one of many collaborative works of the Practice. The building projecting balconies  to all apartment and strong primary colour are its most prominent features revealed in series of elevations from the Ozumba Mbadiwe wad and Walter Carrington crescent, Lagos-Nigeria.
The six storey apartment building was constructed between 2004-2006. It has since set a bench mark for new developments by the Client. For residents ,a prime attraction is the fine view it offers towards the Lagos lagoon as well as the Victoria Island area from the fully glazed balconies of every apartment.
MAIN CONTRACTOR: Cappa & Delberto

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The Imani/Shell Estate in Abuja occupies a well-landscaped 57,300sqm compound, a town within a town for about 51 families to be supported by domestic and auxiliary workers. The Estate is conceptualised to be a miniature town containing various residential building types and recreational facilities together with facilities for administrative and maintenance functions.
The houses are designed facing access roads generating a clear sense of “public” front and “private” backs with all houses generally well provided with terraces that opens generously to their gardens. The orientation of each dwelling is determined by social rather than environmental factors, with a rich mix of the different building types enriching the overall quality of the estate.
The planning of individual dwellings generally follows international conventions each house being entered through a small lobby, leading directly to reception/living rooms and kitchen to the rear. The site plan distributes the car parks along vehicular circulation routes so that it becomes a series of integrated car lots, rather than formal object space. The Design concept is to create simple ,functional but classic structure, elegant and timeless, emerging serene and domestic, entwined in perpetual embrace in which building and site are creatively integrated as one. There is great deal of variation of the roof lines and exterior form of the buildings varying according to the choice of individual occupants, within a necessarily dense programme arranged linearly taking its pattern from both the site topography and best views across the site. Their alternative fluid and massive forms, curvilinear, sharp and pyramidal roofs and the use of materials and colour in expressing the forms as strike a balance between human requirement and the substance of the uneven site terrain.

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Further to the success of the previous 51 Residential units completed in 2005,the Client commissioned the Practice in March,2011 (in a closed competition of 3 Architectural firms) to design additional 28 units a s extension/phase II, comprising of 3no Block of flats on 4 floors and 4no. Blocks of Terrace houses.
Subtle exercise in modern contextualisation,this embraced the existing buildings as well as the sloppy terrain of the site. The street elevations are an attempt to evoke the intricacy of the existing blocks of flats in a contemporary manner but not losing the identity and distinctiveness. Strongly articulated, they are perceived as three distinct but related elements.
The building together offer 9800 sqm. of high quality residential accommodation with generous provision of natural light ,spacious interiors and first choice finishes in a well-landscaped environment.
Completed: March,2012.

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Designed for one of the most established property development companies in Abuja, this building comprising of 4no Town houses and 2no pent floor apartments was conceived as a modern residential block with distinctive modern design character. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Wuse II, It is provided with swimming pool, a club house & fitness centre for exclusive use of the occupants.
The overall composition ties the building and the external facilities together in a harmonious arrangement, informed by the Client’s brief that nature is at its most beautiful, when considered in relation to the Man-made structures.
Main contractor: Multi-structures Ltd.
Completion date: March, 2012

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This building is conceived as a composition of forms-Solid,voids and horizontal elements.
Client : Private Developer.

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This Residential project demonstrate the potential relatively dense but luxurious housing on a brownfield Site close to the center of Abuja-next to the Police headquarters on a busy street.
Block of housing on 5 floors, the building is the characteristic of the Practice-a considered juxtaposition of solid and voids harmonized with projecting Balconies.
For would be residents, a prime attraction is the view it offers towards the city and beyond
Completion due : DECEMBER,2012

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