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This seven storey building on a tight rectangular site, is one of Artec Practice Ltd most well known building in Lagos, Nigeria.
Designed as a series of interlocking triangles on a rectangular site, the exam hall that could sit about 250 people, has a distinctive character with the lean-to roof and prominent circular columns that runs from floor to roof.
The office block is designed with a main circulation and services core as ‘slave’ elements to serve the ‘master space’ basically open plan office spaces with a pent floor, sleeping quarters on the 6th floor. The building has distinctive form, and materials in glass and Agloduna Tiles external cladding.
Client: Federal Judicial Service Commission
Main Contractor: Zen Engineering Nig. Ltd.
Completed: March,2011.

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A subtle experience in modern renovation, this project involves modernizing and upgrading an existing two storey building comprising of two blocks to a functional and decent modern office that justifies value for money.
Being the smallest building within the Supreme court complex, we have attempted to evoke the intricacy of good detailing with use of contemporary finishing materials to upgrade the interior and exterior quality thereby creating conducive environment for the Staff and management to work in, with a view to improving their productivity.
Mechanically fixed Moca-Limestone tiles were cladded on existing dilapidated mosaic tiles.
The result is a high quality office accommodation with generous provision of natural light.
Client: Federal Judicial Service Commission
Main Contractor: BNL Construction Ltd.
Completed : November,2011.

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Advocating sustainability, the owners of Hilltop Retreat have attempted to renovate/retrofits an existing building to provide a mixed use development in lieu of demolition and then re-building structures that may not be in sync with the environment. The renovation incorporates distinctive architectural features that exhibit the Architect’s creativity.
The location of apartment on the uppermost floor has been oriented to give the most pleasing and appealing view through the FCT. The building exterior has been restored and enhanced. The interiors have been completely renovated to provide functional apartments with quality and timeless finishes. The typical “linear design” floor plan allows for ample daylight, quality views, space, increased occupant comfort, and decreased lighting energy cost.
Client : Federal Government of Nigeria,
Main Contractor : B-Stabilini Nig. Ltd
Completed : August,2015.

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The New government house project is the response to an improved environment to enhance efficiency and create conducive atmosphere for government operation in Katsina.;It is due to open in 2013. The sumptuously landscaped 2.5 hectares site in the new GRA has facilities ranging from residential accomodation,to offices, clinic and banquette hall for cultural functions.
The main environmental challenge is cooling the buildings from the semi-desert heat of Katsina and this is achieved partly with double-wall construction with cavity which serves as a thermal mass, and helps to maintain a constant internal temperature, high ceiling and carefully –detailed facades with deep overhangs which provide protection against solar heat gains while offering excellent views towards the gardens. Natural ventilation and daylight are exploited as much as possible, both to reduce energy consumption and to create enjoyable working conditions.
Completion due: April,2013

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Having successfully carried out the design, execution and delivery of Katsina Governors lodge, Asokoro, Abuja, the Government of Rivers state engaged the Practice in a closed competition to carry out the design and execution of its lodge in Abuja.
The Site terrain can be best described as being dramatic due to the evident difference in level which naturally avails the designer the opportunity to propose a functional basement for Car parks and other supporting services being a sustainability compliant practice instead of having to alter nature and further expend additional funds on refilling the site to workable level.
Client : Rivers State Government, Nigeria
Main Contractor : Metropole Nig. Ltd
Completed : November,2013.

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