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ARTEC PRACTICE LTD is a firm of professional Architects and Project Managers that have worked together for almost three decades, and have a track record of many completed projects built with a deep respect for the client’s budget, time and to quality standard. We have been offering professional services from the advisory capacity of site analysis and site selection to detailed site development which is expressed in our work from early sketches to master plan, from design of each structure to each minute  detail.

The Firm’s guiding principles are usually expressed in our work, with the belief that the quality of people’s surrounding has a direct influence on the quality of their lives whether it is at home or in the work place. Hence we work very hard to conceive good quality buildings and create decent surrounding to our clients satisfaction while tailoring the practice’s to what the Client needs in an abiding principle of the firm.

Attention to detail on every project are just given, with the belief that the concern of architecture is more than Aesthetics alone.

The Practice has a handful of professional staff and we believe in complementing our capabilities by collaborating with qualified indigenous and International consultancy firms of specific disciplines, using the most modern methods of research and elaboration of design data through applied software and computer technology to guarantee on the overall a high quality of professional performance. It helps that Artec is also known within the construction industry professionals as pleasure to work with.

The theme of design integration, which is central to Artec’s philosophy of Practice is vividly expressed in the firm’s completed buildings and on going projects and in the way in which they respond to context.

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We make no pretense. Our work speaks volumes about who we are. We are experts. We have immense talent and we have a stage big enough to show them on. Our clients do not compromise on quality, neither do we. If design and creativity are core to you, let’s create a new world – together.

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